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So I was just sittin around when I realized we haven’t done anything in forever. Adam and I got off our lazy asses (mostly just Adam) and we (mostly just Adam again) worked a bit more on the site and put up the amazing Hope Racine!

Hope Racine is the best damn folk artist ever. Her voice is totes as top notch as it gets so listen to all the free crap she has on our site at



Andrew and Lillian (Mostly just Adam again)

okay, so i like tons of bands, but seriously people, these guys are awesome. it like psychedelic with awesome jazzy sax  solos and some stupitcool vocals. really really cool stuff. Check out The Love Club at!!!!

The Love Club!

Today is a very special day, and not just because we’re celebrating the first flight of the Bristol Blenheim! Today we released our new Lillian Band… The Love Club!!!! Check them out, or if you don’t want to be on your computer right now go outside, because we will probably give you free candy and CDs. No joke!

See you around philly!


Hey guys! check out the awesome new artist CSSC on!!!!

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Check out this title track from the Wild Rompit EP!

Not a Live Set!

So, as it turns out the new Wild Rompit release on Lillian is not live! It is recorded in a studio and recorded very well at that. I made a dumb miscommunication but now it is fixed!


Hey guys! We got a new band to day, WIld Rompit!

They’re right there up on the home page, totes being a featured artist and stuff!

You can download their new album for free at, its called Stampede (Live), and these guys are stoopit good so be sure to check em out!

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Do you know Cardinals and Bluejays?

Who Are We??

Welp. We are a dumpy little grüp of people who are here to provide…

Digital Publishing

Social Networking Management

Street Teeming

Digital Design

Dot Com Site Management

Merchandise Management

And Advertising

For Free!

Also we are providing extensive recording and booking services for all your needs as a band.

We work for the artists, they don’t work for us!

— Lillian